Blades of Steel


"Hockey is figure skating in a war zone" 

The best way to describe this album is to imagine Willie O' Ree and Wayne Gretzky bare knuckle boxing, topless, in a parking lot somewhere, for the grand prize of a jug of beer and a tab of rare acid made in the Swiss Alps of Canada. 

This concept album / tape is fully produced by Jaz Infinite, who is also known as the Beethoven of ALL contact sports and boom bap productions. But it all started with Shamon finding a vintage box of hockey cards and searching through the whole collection and not finding a single player of color. It was at this point when the spirit of Willie O' Ree possessed Shamon's body and the urge to create a sense of awareness for the legacy built by colored players in hockey was founded.

The whole idea was to create the most realistic representation of hockey. Hence the list of features being presented as an actual complete roster, including reserves by bringing together artists from all over the world from multiple eras in Hip-Hop. This epic roster includes living legends such as Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Spoek Mathambo, Mista Sinista, Buddy Leezle, Memphis Reigns and Chill E.B just to name a few (full roster is attached in the PDF).

Album cover art by the impeccable Rafael DelaGarza.